About La Nourriture

Tradition of premium quality with a promise of originality

La Nourriture is proud to offer you the finest chocolates, compounds,and different product range related to cacao for all the industries. The product is crafted from bean to chocolate. Employing  Corporate Chefs, we will be  operating with four premier baking schools under the name of “La Nourriture Grand Chocolate”. The company is committed to the creation of unique, artisan quality chocolates with complex, balanced, consistent flavours. This commitment to quality is matched only by the brand’s devotion to sustainable business practices.

Fine Cocoa Expert

Very few chocolatiers go so far as to become growers. But in order to learn more about cocoa, oversee its quality, and guarantee its refinement, La Nourriture has mastered all aspects of the industry. It is in that spirit that  La Nourriture decided to open and operate its own plantations, first in INDIA, and more recently, in the Vietnam and Papua New Guinea.

Creating Unique Flavours

La Nourriture has created a range of unique and recognizable aromatic profiles by perfecting techniques for enhancing the flavor of rare cocoa beans, grown on land that has been masterfully selected for its terroir. To guarantee the consistency of the taste qualities and flavor potential of their chocolates, La Nourriture has taken unique steps in mastering taste.

La Nourriture Chocolate

It is inextricably linked to its pastry and chocolate school: La Nourriture Grand Chocolate,  will be created soon. La Nourriture  Grand Chocolate will be helping our customers to learn specific technical skills in the field of pastry and bonbons.